A Survival Guide To A Cosy Night In Rainy Sydney

Meteorologists predict that we’ve got the rainiest winter the past decades seen just around the corner. It’s no lie that when the weather is bleak it can be straining to so much as consider getting out of bed. A gush of rain can really dampen a night out, literally! So I have rustled up a little guide for any rainy night out or night IN. Whether that means putting one foot before the other and stepping out of your humble abode, or staying right where you are; I’ve got something for you

Firstly, what is more peaceful than cosying up with a shaggy blanket wrapped around you like human cannelloni? I’ll tell you- it’s cosying up beside a window during a quiet storm, a good book in one hand and a cup of hot tea in the other! Get your mitts on one of the many bestsellers at the book store. If you’re a fan of poetry and prose, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur will be the one for your snuggly night in. Perhaps you have children and they’re enjoying your night in with you? The classic Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr Seuss would be perfect for a family reading session. Or is crime more your forte? Banana Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke could be the new addition to your book shelf. Whatever your literary preference, some quiet time with a book on a rainy night has always been my favourite pre-bed time luxury, and maybe it can be yours too.

The ideas don’t stop at staying in with your favourite throw, another great thing about cold weather is mulled wine and roaring fire places. What better place to enjoy wet weather than at a beachfront pub in Manly? With a front row seat to the storm; this is where Hotel Steyne comes in as a lovely location for a dreary night. What is your poison? If whiskey is your drink of choice then the Grain Bar is calling your name. A cocktail more up your alley?  Two words- Zeta Bar! Your new rainy day destination. Each of these beautiful watering holes are furbished with a divine fireplace waiting to be enjoyed on a night when the streets are damp and people are shivering.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk dinner. We all know that once winter is on her way, the soup recipes start circulating the internet. So staying at home and cooking up a beautiful pumpkin and ginger soup is definitely a relaxing treat. There’s nothing like some good, thick bread, sliced and ready to be dipped into a sweet potato and leak number. Or a broth filled with noodles to warm up the belly on a cold winter’s night. Get creative! Think tomatoes and lentils or a sweet curry. However I know what you’re thinking; I’m in the realm of savoury right now. Well for all you sweet tooths, anything smothered in drizzling, hot chocolate will be a lovely dessert and an even lovelier midnight snack when the rain is pouring down. Think lava cakes; homemade chocolate fondue! And for those who steer away from the chocolate-y sweets, why not make bread and butter pudding for the family? That’s always been my guilty pleasure and winter is the time for pleasure to be stripped of its guilt and to fill our kitchens with scrumptious aromas.

Not much of a cook? According to just about everyone I know, Max Brenner has to be home of the best chocolate fondue in Sydney! What is more warming than a strawberry smothered in chocolate and fed to you by a lover? I’ll tell you! a big ol’ spicy laksa, comforting, affordable and piping hot. Where do you find such a delicious meal, you ask? At Malay- Chinese Take Away where the Laksa is near-perfect. An array of delicious curries and soups are also waiting for you at Chat Thai, my favourite Thai restaurant in Sydney. Finally, I want to give a quick and honourable mention to the food of cold weather, dumplings. Lotus dumpling bar is your one stop dumpling destination. Any of the aforementioned places will warm up any cold night this coming winter.

Lastly, I have one more idea for the introverts. For the people who love staying in the comfort of their own homes. Have a bath. It’s that simple. You hear that rain begin to tap on your window and you run that ivory tub! Whether it’s with a lover or on your lonesome, soaking in a hot bath and listening to the rain outside is the perfect way to unwind and pamper yourself. Add some bubbles, add a bath bomb, pour yourself a big glass of wine and surrender to complete relaxation and soundtrack of Mother Nature. For the final touch, light some candles. Buy a big scented candle with cinnamonny, vanillary notes and many tea-light candles to create an atmosphere of warmth, serenity and complete luxury, especially if you’re enjoying it solo.