Plan your Whitsundays escape

Plan your Whitsundays escape

The breathtaking Whitsunday Islands are in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and offer the perfect mix of romance and action. Not only are the Whitsundays a world class diving and snorkelling destination, but these magical islands offer the very best in pristine beaches, sailing experiences, luxurious day spas and amazing views, perfect from enjoying from your very own scenic flight.

1. Snorkelling and Scuba Diving
There are countless dive sites along the Great Barrier Reef suitable for visitors with all levels of scuba-diving experience. There are the calm and protected shallow waters closer to the islands that are ideal for first-timers as well as deeper outer reef sites for those with more experience. For individuals that are not ready to try diving, snorkelling is a great alternative. The reef is rich in marine life including an impressive kaleidoscope of rare fish and coral.

2. Pristine Beaches
You don’t have to travel far in the Whitsundays to come across a beautiful beach. With 74 islands, you will be truly spoilt for choice. Catseye Beach in Hamilton Island is a perfect tropical paradise with turquoise waters, panoramic views and a calm, sheltered bay ideal for swimming and snorkelling. North of Airlie Beach you will find the magnificent Horseshoe Bay- this hidden beach is perfect if you are after a little more privacy and boasts magical clear, calm waters ideal for an underwater adventure. Whitehaven Beach is another idyllic must visit beach- its softest, whitest sand and pristine waters have concreted it as one of the most iconic beaches in the area.

3. Scenic Flights
Seeing the Whitsundays from above is a unique and exhilarating experience. Chartering an aircraft enables a birds-eye view of the true size and scale of the beautiful reef. The crystal-clear waters will see you spotting marine life such as turtles, whales and schools of fish without having to reach for the binoculars. At Exclusive Getaway we can organise your unique aircraft charter for an unforgettable day above The Whitsunday Islands.

4. Day Spas
Rejuvenate your senses and treat yourself with a visit to one of the luxurious day spas. All Island resorts have a day spa with a wonderful selection of treatments on offer. From mud wraps, to scrubs, massages, facials and couple treatments, there is something for everyone. Give yourself the ultimate gift of unwinding in the most tranquil of settings.

5. Sailing and Luxury Boat Hire
One of the best ways to explore the Whitsunday Islands is onboard your very own private boat charter. There is nothing quite like relaxing and enjoying the serene and spectacular surroundings in complete privacy and luxury. Sailing the Whitsundays is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience ideal for groups of all numbers. Contact Exclusive Getaway today to start planning your Whitsunday boating adventure today.

If you’re looking for a wholesome, feel-good destination for your next holiday- The Whitsunday Island are an excellent choice for families, couples, singles and groups of friends alike. For all private aircraft and boat charter enquiries and the best service, speak to one of our expert consultants at Exclusive Getaway.