Lizard Island Yacht Charter – The Private Crown Jewel of the Great Barrier Reef

Create the opportunity to discover and explore Lizard Island is truly a moment that will have you feeling like you’re discovering one of Australia’s greatest hidden gems.  As the only continental island group close to the world class UNESCO Great Barrier Reef, the island provides an idyllic location for your next New Year’s bucket list yacht charter adventure.

One way to begin a trip to Lizard Island is with a comfortable, and scenic 45-minute private plane flight from Cairns. It provides an ideal vantage point to take in the contrast of the rugged mountainous terrain with the sparkling blue waters and luxuriant fringing reefs like you’re swooping into an untouched landscape from the Mesozoic Era.

Lizard Island private Plane

The name of the Island is a rather obvious reference to the number of yellow-spotted monitor that make residence, but they are just some of the wonderful Australian native flora and fauna that call this remote island home. Captain Cook named it whilst passing in 1770, and for the adventurous hiker and fitness enthusiast one can take a hike to “Cooks Looks” – taking the very same path up to the top of the mountain that he once took.

An easier walk across the island will take you to the stunning Blue Lagoon. One great feature of holidaying on such an isolated island is that in almost certainty you will have the beach entirely to yourself. There are few better spots to take a refreshing dip and feel a certain sense of wild freedom as though you have completely escaped from the chaos of modern life. Rest assured the ever-attentive yacht crew are available for pick-ups and drop offs via tender, should you need some snacks, waters, towels, snorkels, transport, or the like.

Blue Lagoon Iizard Island

One can’t emphasise enough the absolute access and ease of snorkelling on Lizard Island. It is some of the best snorkelling on the coral reef, if not the best. The remote nature of the space means that you have access to reef in pristine condition without the regular horde of sightseers.

Floating in the shallow crystal-clear water you may find yourself amongst a bale of turtles peacefully snacking on seagrass. These peaceful creatures, as well as the full rainbow spectrum of tropical fish and sea life, are protected here. On an average evening one can see the flurry of activity of Giant trevally fish drawn to the lights of the superyacht. The island is alive with awe inspiring wildlife.

Aside from the location being top tier – the service and experience on the superyacht is equally matched. Our yachts are sound, stunning vessels staffed by the very best in the charter industry. The crew are attentive to your every need, friendly, and astutely professional. Every detail is catered to from the private chef to the way that the interior is spotless and transformed seemingly like magic. Food is sure to become a topic of conversation amongst guests as thrice daily buffets delight the tastebuds, and on top of that, the private chef takes requests if you have the room!  All dietary preferences are catered to.

Super yacht chef

The interior of the yacht is just as beautiful as the outside with detail and care taken with every aspect of its design. On board entertainment is abound with all your favourites; uno, Foxtel, Netflix, reading, cards… whatever takes your fancy.  But its hard to imagine being at a loss with what to do; just being on the Island has a certain energetic mystique that is quite hard to capture with words. Taking in the view out of your window onboard a world class luxury superyacht is a difficult experience to top. 

super yacht lizard island

Lizard Island is a unique, remarkable destination to book for your next yacht charter and create memories to cherish for life. Please get in contact with our friendly staff to book in your luxury superyacht charter.