A once in a lifetime trip, or the never ending pursuit of the most revered game fish of all, the elusive 1,000 pounder!

Presenting you the premier game fishing company on the East Coast of Australia. NORTHERN EXCLUSIVE Founder & Director William Kozma has had a lifetime experience fishing on the Great Barrier Reef covering all types of fishing with many huge Giant Black & Blue Marlin over the years.


William takes enormous pride in putting together his client’s itineraries based on his past experiences and will provide invaluable advice on the best way to complete your trip of a lifetime on the greatest stretch of ocean in the world.

Every year commencing in early September, the giant female Black Marlin arrive from the Pacific Ocean to spawn along this 250 km stretch of the Great Barrier Reef. The rich waters off the reef and nearby continental shelf offering these breeders an abundant food supply. The Marlin season extends through to late December and an impressive array of game boats and mothership options are to be found on the outer edge of The Reef and Coral Sea. World’s best game fishing from day trips catching reef fish to live aboard charters chasing the elusive 1,000lb giant black marlin.

The Cairns region has long been recognized as the Black Marlin capital of the world with the area stretching from Lizard Island in the north, to just south of this beautiful modern tropical city, the envy of many fisherman, and regularly rated the number one Game Fishing region on the planet.

The preferred technique for catching the giant Black Marlin is to troll large whole fish baits such as Scad, Queenfish, Rainbow Runner, Tuna and Mackerel. These baits are rigged to either skip across the surface or swim within the surface layers.

There are many other great species of fish to target on the GBR. All types of light tackle fishing are available chasing all mackerels, tunas, GT, Wahoo and the list goes on. We also offer custom jigging charters chasing dogtooth Tuna. There is also an abundance of reef fishing for those whom love their table fish! The reds are arguably the best eating fishing in the world!


All of our game boats are magnificent custom built craft fitted with the state of the art fishing finding equipment, fishing gear with all forms of safety and communication gear, air-conditioned state rooms and offering the most comfortable lodgings available on the water.

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