Low Isles

Low Isles Port Douglas

Low Isles is a must visit destination if you find yourself in the Port Douglas region. Located just 15kms off the coast of Port Douglas, this hidden gem is the perfect spot for day boat charter to the inner reef and island adventure. Low Isles is made up of two islands- one being Woody Island, an uninhabited coral wonderland; while the other Low Island, a breathtaking sandy coral cay. Together they form an idyllic tropical paradise that appeals to everyone because of its unparalleled beauty and allure of the Great Barrier Reef. 

Sailaway VI catamaran in Low Isles

Low Isles is the perfect place for exploring, getting close to the local wildlife as well as snorkelling and diving. It is home to spectacular coral gardens, marine life and an abundance of remarkable migratory birds such as mangrove kingfishers, sea eagles and ospreys. You’ll be mesmerized by its protected snorkeling sites that are populated by a plethora of marine life such as angelfish, turtles and fusiliers; while the wide sandy beach and clear, serene lagoons are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

The best way that the Low Isles can be reached is by boat. We can accommodate half-day, full-day and overnight private charters. The team at Exclusive Getaway will make sure you get to see the Low Isles in the uttermost comfort and privacy, amplifying this unique and rewarding experience.

The Great Barrier Reef is known as the largest living structure on earth. It is more than 2300km in length and is over 18 million years old. It is in fact so large that it can be clearly seen from outer space. Seeing it for yourself and experiencing it in person is one of the most wonderful and worthwhile experiences. And there is no better way to discover The Great Barrier Reef than your very own private boat charter.

We have an impressive selection of fully skippered private charter boats for hire that can accommodate groups of all numbers. We are also able to provide complete catering and on-board activities so all that will be left for you to do is enjoy this adventure of a lifetime in luxury and tranquility.