An Amazing Week In Byron Bay

There really is no other place quite like Byron Bay- cosily nested on the boarder of Queensland and New South Wales, it’s the perfect getaway for those wanting to de-stress, get in touch with their spiritual side or simply to catch some world-class surf.

Byron is known for its relaxed vibe and laid back lifestyle, so do like the locals, leave your phone at home, pack a suitcase full of swimmers and prepare for the best rest you’ve had in years.

I recently came back from a personalised, week-long yoga retreat and let me tell you- Byron was all I expected and more. When you know where to go, it’s streets and beaches are lined with gold mins in the form of spiritual healers, crystal wonderlands and amazing food. Jonson street boasted more paleo and health-food cafes than the entire Sydney CBD, and I quickly found myself lost for hours, wondering vintage bookstores, dreamy boutiques and magical little stores filled with heavenly, handmade lotions, potions and candles.

The balmy and velvety climate made me hop out of bed early each morning and head straight to the beach, where the warm salty water sparkles beneath the sun. I’ve always lived by the beach but there’s something different about the wild beaches at Byron. Something unmistakably liberating and raw.

If you ever get a chance to visit Byron’s Crystal Castle, I highly recommend it. From gigantic Amethyst and Smokey Quartz formations, to their reflexology walk, Rose Quartz Buddha display to their impeccable Music of the Plants show, I was relaxed and completely impressed. It’s a great place to visit for some alone time or with friends and family. They also have a terrific cafe complete with picture-perfect salads decorated with pretty flowers; and a very decent selection decadent cakes.

My last day there was a Sunday- which I spent strolling around the local market, snacking on fresh berries, healthy sweets and oysters. The atmosphere was homey, kind and I found myself feeling more at peace than I have in a very long time.

Although I didn’t get a chance to check them out myself, I hear Byron boasts an exotic fruit farm and the Macadamia Castle which of course is famous for macadamias ( but is also home to an impressive array of farm animals that you can pet and play with). If visiting with the family, those would also be the places to look up.

I must say whilst I’m glad to be home in Sydney, Byron has left a lasting impression on me and in all honestly, I cannot wait to go back.